Thursday, March 1, 2012


Excitement in the air stopped by our lot today, and our PM was on site as there are about 5 homes in close proximity to ours being built at the same time. This is our lot, since the last visit it has been dug  for the foundation to be poured the plumbing and electrical conduits are in. My PM says we are waiting on inspectors and that our foundation will either be poured Friday or Monday, our wood will also be delivered next week. Another pleasant surprise took place as I was watching all the work going on, a gentlemen walked up I asked if he was building and found out he is one of our neighbors who was there for his Pre Drywall meeting, God Is Good. I was really impressed with our PM Mike, he was very courteous and patient we talked for a bit, but he is really involved with the building process.


  1. Congrats! Once they deliver the wood, the house will be framed in no time at all. We are slightly ahead of you in the process, and we have just been shocked at how fast things progress. Good luck!

  2. Congrats! It'll be fun to watch your progress as we are a few months behind you in building! Good luck with the process!!!