Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hello Ryan family this is Tammy. My wonderful husband usually posts on the blog, but today I said its my turn. The process with the home is moving very well and I am very pleased with the results. Well the meeting with guardian was today for pre-dry wall which mean simply to show us were the outlets will be located. Everything was going great until the rep suggested  a 47inch television and said it will look great over the fireplace HELP!!!!!!! Ladies  I think I was set up today. Why does anyone need that much television? Men I do know how you support one another,but this question is for the LADIES ONLY. Share with me a few of the compromises that you made and you are happy with the results. I need feedback ladies will be looking for your post have a wonderful evening.


  1. Girl, do not buy any electronics from your wiring company, the markup is insane. Yes it will look nice but you can get a better deal from Sams or Costco. So it has less to do with whether you should buy one as opposed to where you should buy it! Its a style choice (we decided not to do the over the fireplace thing)--Ericka

  2. Sorry girlfriend, my husband wants to put a 60 inch TV in our family room and a 100 inch screen in the media room. I told him if he gets what he wants than I get what I want when it comes to the furniture and he agreed. My only advice would be to negotiate, if this is something he really wants then you get something you really want. As long as you both have agreed on the budget a little compromise doesn’t hurt.

    1. We did the same thing! Hubby wants a 60" in the family room of our Venice. That's fine (I like my football just as much as he does) but that means I get to decorate the living room however I want to keep the television from being the ONLY thing you notice in that room!!

  3. I strongly agree with both posters. Most importantly, DO NOT buy electronics from Guardian. You can shop around and get a great deal elsewhere but still have Guardian do the wiring for above the fireplace. Good luck with your decision!

  4. Buying from Guardian is one of the worst things you could do because you can go so many other places and pay half of what they will want to charge you. Suggestion: Best Buy open item aisle! We purchased a 60" Samsung from there last summer and paid half of what the tv would have cost new because someone ordered it online, didn't like it after picking it up and returned it without the remote. Not having a remote wasn't that big of a deal since we synched it up with the cable box anyways. We just purchased the 2 year full service warranty with it.

  5. We have a 58" television and I LOVE it. I don't think I would ever put a television above a fireplace though. You aren't supposed to have to look up at a TV. When you are sitting down facing a television, it should be eye-level. Hope that helps!