Saturday, May 12, 2012


Our first bumps in the process have taken place. We were set to close on the 11th, however we had an inspection prior to closing. Needless to say the inspector found some minor items that could have caused problems later in the life of the home. We also had an issue with our island, we noticed that the island is really close to the dishwasher making it hard to get in between the island if the dishwasher door is open.We looked at a couple of our neighbors Milan's and noticed there was about a 1 1/2 foot difference in their islands and ours. Our PM who has been great told us that our island was set to specifications. The reason for the difference is as follows, their islands were set for the distance of a gourmet island hence the extra space. Our PM made the change for us and moved the island even though Ryan was correct on this one. We are set for reinspection on Tuesday, and hope to get a clear for closing. To all the Milan builders you may want to take note if you are getting a regular island, see if they will set your island like it was a gourmet type. Glad our neighbors allowed us to look at their islands. Wish us luck, and thanks to Mommy Esq. we ended up per our lender getting the inspection, set us back but it feels good knowing that there will not be any issues that were not addressed.


  1. You are almost there! Victory is won! Sounds like this will work out perfectly!

  2. Glad to hear things are on track for this week and that theyre fixing the issue for you. I was wondering how you guys were coming along since we are building the same model! Good luck with moving and congrats!!

  3. I saw them install our island and yes it was done to a diagram but they couldve place it anywhere, if you catch them at the right time, I think you would be able to sway the positioning